Technical Offer

Electrical Systems

Our know-how, our continuous innovation about industrial automation and about the distribution of the electricity in high voltage and low voltage.

Photovoltaic Systems

GProduce clean energy , follow the future, choose our partnership…simple and clear…like sunlight.

Wind Power Plants

Three wings to tame the wind , a system to transform an inexhaustible energy that respects the environment…fly to the future.

Our Last Projects

Details makes the difference

Running Projects

  • Orsomarso (CS) – Italy

    In January 2014 the opening of a new site, a wind plant formed by 17 wind turbines, of 60 Kw each in Orsomarso (CS). 5 Km of high voltage power line, from the primary Enel substation to the low voltage substation. Building works, connections in high and low voltage, authorization procedures and final testing. Connection expected by June 2015.

    Efficiency and Technology

    Gruppo Elettrico Buonanno Srl operates in the field of energy efficiency, uses energy in an intelligent way to eliminate or minimize loses. Our interventions are aimed to reduce consumption of energy and to reduce the emissions throught the introduction of technologies powered by renewable sources.
  • Africa (Ivory Coast)

    The challenge to new markets starts from Africa. “With us from the darkness to the light” our ambitions project, that starts from Ivory Coast. Off-grid technologies, photovoltaic and wind power plant, will give development and energy to African people. An important investment plan aimed at the internationalization of the brand.

    Green car sharing

    Gruppo Elettrico Buonanno srl has a green style. Our green project, expected the realization of a car sharing service with the use of electric cars, charged exclusively with the energy produced by our FTV plants.

Our dreams and desires change the world.